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Microbubble Deaerators

A SpiroVent deaerator should always be installed at the hottest point within a system. In the case of a heating system, for example, this is the point where thewater exits the boiler. In the case of acooling system, it is in the return beforethe chiller unit. When installed in thecorrect location a SpiroVent has thecapability to deaerate the entire system asit can make the water absorptive.

Dirt separators

In untreated systems, dirt can accumulate in multiple places throughout the system. Studies and practical experience show that magnetite in particular, leads to greatly reduced energy efficiency and therefore higher energy costs. Ensuring quick and efficient dirt removal is essential. Spirotech offers an extensive range of SpiroTrap dirt separators from small brass solutions to heavy duty steel units, especially designed for the removal of dirt.

Deaerators and dirt separators

In untreated systems, air may cause problems such as fl ow interruptions or even a complete system breakdown. Dirt consists mainly of magnetite, that can accumulate wherever a magnetic field is present. In valves or heat exchangers, pipes, radiators, pumps and calorimeters. Next to costs associated with repairs, parts and downtime, contamination also leads to reduced system performance and, therefore, higher energy costs. Spirotech offers an extensive range of SpiroCombi deaerators/dirt separators, especially designed for the simultaneous removal of air and dirt. These remove air, microbubbles and dirt particles from system water continuously.

vacuum degasser

A vacuum degasser should be used for systems with many branches and a low flow velocity. However, these products are also an ideal choice when the system has a small temperature differential, or an inline deaerator cannot be installed. When it cannot be predicted where gases are released from the water or when that point has a very low flow rate.With the addition of the new SpiroVent Superior S400 and S600 models, the choice for the right vacuum degaser becomes even easier. Thanks to their fix pressure range (1 – 4 bar and 2,5 – 6 bar) the new products are optimised to perform as excellent at the top end of their peek pressure, as at the low-end of the scale.

Hydraulic deaerator and dirt separator

A good hydraulic balance is highly important for HVAC and process systems with separated circuits or several groups and pumps. The effective removal of air and dirt also contributes towards the achievement of optimum system performance. Hydraulic balancing and air and dirt separation are combined in the SpiroCross. Thanks to the combination of 3 functions in 1, savings will not only be made in purchasing but also on installation and maintenance costs. The SpiroCross can be used for both new build, refurb and projects for refurbish heating, cooling and process systems. SpiroCross was developed by Spirotech using Computational Fluid Dynamics and was also tested extensively on our own TÜV-certified test and measurement set-up and various systems in practice.

Spiropress Vacuum degassing and pressurisation

Adding a pressurisation solution to our established degassing products makes it possible to provide a total, integrated system care solution. Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems offer optimal performance with air-free water. Most issues within HVAC systems are closely related to air being introduced into the system as a result of pressurisation issues. A poor designed, installed or maintained pressurisation system can lead to negative pressures around the circuit. The introduction of oxygen through leaks or by refilling with undegassed, mostly hard water also makes corrosion inhibitors significantly less effective.

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