gas & oil boiers, chp, calorifiers

wall hung Gas boilers , cascade rigs

Air & Dirt Deparators, Hydraulic headers, vacuum degassers, pressurisation

Heat Interface Units ( HIU )

YGHP HIU’s offer ease of install, use and maintenance. All components are front facing and easy to use. Latest thermostatic technology that allows both heating and hot water simultaneously for apartments fed from a central communal plant.

Kampmann products

Trench Heating, Perimeter Heating, Design GrillesDoor Air Curtains, Unit Heaters, Fan Coils, Air Handling Units

Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Expansion

Stourflex provide a comprehensive range of pipework expansion joints and pipeline equipment. Our product range includes: expansion joints, air and dirt separators, rubber bellows, and anchors & guides. Typically we can provide nationwide next day delivery.

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