a few Hoval Products

UltraGas® (125-1150)

 The UltraGas® condensing boiler with patented aluFer® heat exchanger delivers the highest ­efficiency and cost effective performance. The wide range of boilers match any customer’s requirement.
UltraGas® (125-1150) – Space saving solutions for commercial and industrial applications.
Very cost-effective, with rapid payback.

UltraOil® (110-600D)

At the heart of the UltraOil® is the patented aluFer® heat exchanger. In combination with advanced condensation technology and the 2-stage burner, the UltraOil® is second to none in terms of energy efficiency and economy.
Flexible and easy to disassemble. The UltraOil® (110-600D) is perfect for upgrades in large residential and commercial buildings.

PowerBloc (12-20)

Compact combined heat and power plant with modulating output and condensing technology for operation with natural gas, biogas or also liquid gas
Electrical output: 5–20 kW
Thermal output: 18–43 kW

Application area:
Medium-sized buildings
with an annual heat demand from approx. 150 000 kWh and annual electricity consumption from approx. 85 000 kWh.
Residential buildings
Healthcare facilities
Commercial facilities

Max-3 plus Thermal Output 420-2700kW

The Max-3 plus has a three pass design with dimpled tubes on the third pass fitted with additional retarders. This commercial Boiler which runs on gas, oil or dual fuel has a high fire efficiency to 95.2% net and gives low Nox emissions. As such it makes excellent economic and environmental sense.
Max-3 plus boilers are available as heating only applications for medium to large commercial buildings. They are suitable for both new build and replacement projects. Maximum operating temperature is 105°and maximum working pressures is 6 bar.

Modul-plus High-output calorifier

The Modul-plus calorifier is designed to operate with the full range of Hoval-plus series boilers but can also be used with other makes of commercial/industrial boilers. It is available in seven model sizes covering DHW outputs up to 10,000 litres/hr at 90°C primary feed.
Technical Data:
Hot water output 1520-17500 l/h
Volume Up to 230 – 1150 l
Heating surface up to 2,84 – 14,2 m2

HomeVent® comfort FR (201), (251) and (301)

Conveniently simple and simply convenient.

Small is beautiful – that also goes for the new comfort ventilation triplets HomeVent® comfort FR (201), (251) and (301).
These new developments offer the best indoor climate with proven heat and humidity recovery.
And all this with smaller dimensions but the same high-performance.
Filtered fresh air is heated and humidified according to requirements with energy from the extract air.
The result is clean, pollen-free air with a healthy humidity level.
This equates to a feeling of comfort in enclosed rooms, like being out in the fresh air.

TransTherm pro S/RS (A-66 - H-200)

TransTherm pro S/RS is a compact district heating station for conventional connection to the district or local heating network. It is available in 8 different output ratings for connection outputs from 30–1720 kW. The TransTherm pro RS design is available with casing.

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